What is Spinal Hygiene?

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by Dr. Brent Burton

Spinal Hygeine? Is that like Oral hygeine? Well kind of like that but unlike your teeth, if you have cavities or structural problems in your spine, it’s hard to replace your spine with a set of dentures. The difficulty is it’s hard to see when your spine is having problems before it tells you that it’s painful. Very similar to a small cavity or pitting in your teeth, a small spinal lesion or dysfunction can develop into a much bigger deal if left for long periods of time.

What types of problems can make my spine “dysfunctional” or “subluxated”(Subluxation is a term that chiropractors often use to describe spinal or joint dysfunctions)? Well, many daily activities such as sitting too long, playing on smart phones or playing video games with your neck cranked forward, sports impacts, car accidents, driving long distances or other types of repetitive strains that place abnormal pressure or forces along your spinal column, pelvis or the tissues that attach to it.

What can I do to make sure I’m looking after my spinal hygeine? Well like many things, the first thing to do is find out if there is a problem. Chiropractors are experts in reviewing your spinal (and other musculoskeletal) function and determining if there are problems that should be addressed before they become a bigger deal. Having your spine checked out similar to having your oral hygeine assessed by a dentist or having an optician look at your eyes is a good practice to get into to catch small problems from starting to become too big or painful.

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