The Art of Healing

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Being a highly active individual creates many physical tolls on the body. Active Release Technique (ART) is a specialized form of massage therapy that involves applying acute pressure to an affected area while lengthening the tissue through its natural range of motion. This process stretches out adhesions and causes healing so effectively that professional leagues, including NFL, MLB, NHL, and many Olympic teams, have begun contracting ART practitioners to help athletes recover from injuries. Unlike standard forms of massage therapy and chiropractic care, ART is not designed to be a preventative tool, but rather to heal specific injuries such as plantar fasciitis and calf pain. Repetitive strain and overuse injuries that are very common among all types of runners, will accumulate scar tissue if they are left untreated. The build up of scar tissue creates pain, numbness, limited range of motion, and an overall decrease in performance. With ART’s 500 different soft tissue protocols, this new trend in body repair is helping athletes get back into action faster than ever.

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