1. What is Trigenics?
  2. What Can it be Used to Treat?
  3. What Can I Expect?

What is Trigenics?

Trigenics is a nerve and muscle treatment that rapidly reduces pain and muscle spasms, promotes instant healing, as well as restoring strength and energy problems. It combines three treatment techniques, including soft tissue and manual joint manipulation, creating an additive healing effect.

What Can it be Used to Treat?

Trigenics effectively treats swelling associated with sprains and strains that accompany acute injuries such as whiplash and low back pain. It is also a great treatment for long lasting chronic conditions like tendonitis, sciatica, and plantar fasciitis among many other short and long term conditions.

What Can I Expect?

When receiving this treatment, muscle and nerve weakness or imbalances will be identified on specific locations within the body. The therapist uses a combination of physical manipulations on these areas while the patient undergoes specific movements and breathing techniques. This treatment has been proven to significantly reduce pain immediately with patients.


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