Orthotic Prescription

  1. What is Orthotic?
  2. What Can it be Used to Treat?
  3. What Can I Expect?

What is Orthotic Prescription?

An orthotic is a type of brace to support the foot and ankle. Typically made for both feet, they are inserted or built into a shoe to provide cushioning, support and joint proprioception. They are custom fit to properly suit the needs of each individual and shoe type.

What Can it be Used to Treat?

Orthotics may be used to correct lower limb imbalances, to improve posture, and to prevent dysfunctional movement in the foot. Orthotic use may help to relieve lower limb pain, back pain and to correct posture.

What Can I Expect?

Following orthopedic examination of the foot and proper analysis of gait (walking/running), orthotics may be recommended to correct any dysfunctions. Your foot will be measured and cast to ensure proper comfort and fit. The orthotic will be fit for your shoe and you will be given recommendations for proper wear.

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