1. What is Acupuncture?
  2. What Can it be Used to Treat?
  3. What Can I Expect?

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is one of the most popular sensory stimulation therapies. It is an ancient technique of inserting and manipulating fine needles to stimulate specific anatomic points, also known as acupuncture points or meridian points.

What Can it be Used to Treat?

Acupuncture is often used for the treatment of conditions associated with pain and is supported by evidence of biologic mechanisms. As part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), acupuncture aims to restore and maintain health through the stimulation of specific points on the body. In Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, this regulates the flow of Qi (energy) along pathways in the body known as meridians. Common conditions that have shown beneficial response include headaches (tension & migraine), acute and chronic pain, post-operative pain, myofascial strain, osteoarthritis, and premenstrual syndrome.

What Can I Expect?

After a thorough history and examination, your doctor will develop a treatment plan and select specific acupuncture points for you. The acupuncture needles will be inserted under the skin or into the muscles in specific points and remain there for 15-30 minutes. Electrical current may be used to enhance the acupuncture treatment. It is best to remain still, focus on your breathing and relax during the treatment. Once the treatment is completed, the doctor will remove and count all needles, disposing of them in a sharps container.

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